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A Desk Jockey Learns About Retail

Apologies in advance if this post comes off a bit stilted. I’ve got the kind of cold that makes walking to the office to get my computer sound similar in effort to running a 10K. As a result, my first ever crack at posting from the phone!

This is going to be really depressing later when I realize my “book’s worth” of wit and engagement would actually fit on a milk carton. And don’t even think about pointing out any typos.

So, tomorrow (assuming I’m alive) marks my last day of training at the new job before getting thrown into the fire of “real work” on Friday.

Thus far, training has primarily consisted of trying on every shoe in the store and trying to somehow commit each one to memory. You would not believe the variety of words shoe companies have come up with to convey the concepts of “foam” and “gel”. “No ma’am, that’s not foam, it’s a high tech compound from outer space that makes you 10 pounds lighter…” (Actually, Adidas’ “boost” composite does kind of feel like that. You really need to try those shoes on just to feel how crazy it is. And they are so not paying me to say that. It’s like running on a Tempurpedic. (See, if I was being paid, I would SO get in trouble for using another brand name.))

What I mean to say is that the shoe part is stressful. Everyone has warned me that it’s inevitable, but I just know I’m going to be a mess the first time someone brings back a shoe I fit them in and says it caused their injury.

Also the accessories. Those are stressful, too. I’ve already been asked for a comparison of technical specs on three different GPS watches. “Well, I know that more expensive one has more features…” (*Google frantically*)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still loving the work. I just did not have an appropriate appreciation for the number of products out there! You think you know a lot, until you realize you only know a lot about things you personally use. (Did you know there’s an energy bar out there with beef in it??? You do now. I kid you not. Epic bars. I haven’t personally tried them…yet.)

And it’s not all stress. In fact, we even got to address one of my major causes of stress in our merchandising training last week…the apparel.

Rogue CP is an Adidas concept store. We have some really cool stuff you won’t see elsewhere.

Unfortunately, up until mid-July, it was hard to see there, too. Up until then, the store didn’t have a single female employee. (I make 2.)

I’m not trying to make gross generalizations, re men vs. women, but the first time I went in the store, the women’s section looked like a rainbow vomited on it. And the bras! OMG, the bras…

So, me and my fellow noob got the task of rearranging the floor. It was kind of what I imagine an oral exam to be like: rearrange a section, look back at the boss, try to figure what exactly he’s grimacing at…

After a few hours, I was so tired I had reverted to eloquent arguments like, “But it just looks bad that way!” Lesson learned – OCD tendencies may help with organization, but they do not help with accepting others’ versions of organization. (I think this daily lesson in compromise will be good for me.)

But I admit, I am pretty happy with our final product. Enough so that I took some pics:


See ladies? You can totally find cute clothes in a good, old-fashioned running store. (That black/grey striped top. I WANT IT. Must be responsible with paycheck, must be responsible with paycheck…)


Purple and pink are very in this season. Take it from me. You longer-time readers KNOW I’m a fashion expert…


The piece de resistance… “my table”, arranged by yours truly. I even Windexed that bad boy. (Not the shirts.)

Not too shabby for a couple of new kids, eh?

PS-If you rearrange my sizes, I will force you to do your next long run in extra small booty shorts. I can totally get some of those.

Anyway, since I know some of you are real fashionistas, what do you think? Approve? Have any ****extremely polite and constructive*** feedback to offer? 😉

One comment on “A Desk Jockey Learns About Retail

  1. Anonymous
    September 23, 2013

    Impressive, but the real test is making the men's stuff look good. Next post? And I want to try those Adidas!

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