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Throwback Thur…Fri…Whatever

I still maintain that I USUALLY don’t embrace internet trends. (Though I admit that’s also usually not because I’m too cool for them, but because I don’t become aware of them until they’re “so over”.)

And granted, Throwback Thursday may be approaching “so over”, but technically it’s Friday, and technically my sis-in-law did actually request horse pictures once, AND technically I don’t have any better post ideas at the moment, so…

…come on, who doesn’t like embarrassing pictures, anyway? (Provided they’re of other people, of course.)

Hammer Time!
Probably around 1990.

This is from the living/dining room of the downtown Chicago condo in which I spent the first ~12 years of my life. (The one where my “bedroom” was made up of tall bookcases blocking off a section of the actual dining room, with an old bolt of fabric as the door.)

This photo shows a few things:

  • Poor taste in fashion starts young.
  • That story about how my parents bought the place after it was “professionally furnished” for a Montgomery Ward catalog shoot? Completely true.
  • Why I have a special place in my heart for the big kids. 
  • Plastic plants were once considered fashionable decor.

Me and Mandy, Victory Lap – Children’s Jumper Classic
San Antonio Christmas Show – 1998

In this pic we see:

  • A sport that makes running look dead cheap.
  • That I did used to be competitive at something! (We won by a few thousandths of a second.)
  • That a fat horse is quite slimming. (Sorry, Manders.)
  • That in the 90s, pro photographers dealt with red-eye by taking a magic marker to the photo. (Look closely at the horse.)
Training in SA, circa 2000.

In this one we have:

  • Proof that my equitation (riding style) was halfway decent, except for…
  • …that weird habit I had of turning my head to the left over every jump.
  • Proof that horses have personalities. (Note the laid-back ears and swishing tail. Mandy was totally PO-ed that I got us to a “long” takeoff spot, meaning she had to jump bigger than necessary. She was never one for extra athletic effort.)
  • That riders were YEARS ahead of runners in embracing the magic of Lycra.
I was so emo. Circa 2004.

And finally:

  • Proof that I did once have an eyebrow piercing, and not just a weird scar on my face.
  • Evidence that I never have much cared for hairdryers.
  • Further evidence that poor taste in fashion persists through adolescence. (I was probably wearing a studded belt with this ensemble.)
  • A fine display of lizard neck.

Bonus Pic

First Chicago. (This year will be #4.)

Proof that I was once beaten in a marathon by the Eiffel Tower:

  • I’m not even in this pic.
  • He was 10 minutes ahead of me.
  • How embarrassing.

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