Running Fiesta

Writing and running in Austin, TX.

Last Week’s Workouts

I know, I know. I’ve gotten lazy. Or life’s gotten busy. Hard to say which =) Anyway, here’s a summary of last week.

Sunday, 8/3/09

Days to marathon: 105

Monday, 8/4/09

Workout: Bike, 25 miles

Time: 2.5 hours

Days to marathon: 104

I biked to work, then decided to bike down to the UT campus after work. According to the Austin Bike Map, it only looked like a little bit extra. Apparently the Austin Bike Map is not drawn to scale.

Tuesdsay, 8/5/09

Workout: Run/Walk, 4 miles

Time: 50 minutes

Days to marathon: 103


Wednesday, 8/6/09

Workout: Elliptical, Strength Training

Time: 1.5 hours

Days to marathon: 102

In college I used to do an hour of elliptical almost every day. Now I only survive the boredom if there’s a new magazine in the gym.

Thursday, 8/7/09

Workout: Run/Walk, 3 miles

Time: 35 minutes

Days to marathon: 101

This was going to be a 4-miler, but then I hit snooze. You know how it goes.

Friday, 8/8/09

Workout: Bike, 14 miles

Time: 1.5 hours

Days to marathon: 100

This was my standard bike commute to work, 7 miles each way. It’s nice in the morning. In the evening you kind of feel like you’re going to fall over from the heat.

Saturday, 8/9/09

Workout: Run/Walk, 6 miles
Time: 1.5 hours
Days to marathon: 99

According to the plan this was only supposed to be a 3-miler, but I’ve realized that I can just do three short runs one week and then lay down 10+ miles every other weekend. So now I’m playing a dangerous game called “customizing my training plan”. Will adding mileage take me out of the race for good?? (If only this blog had sound effects…)

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