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Caught Slacking

Today’s workout: Elliptical (Level 5), Strength Training, Soccer (mid-field)
Time: 2 hours (total)
Days to marathon: 109

My mom left a message on my phone today asking if something was wrong with her computer, or if I only update the blog on Tuesdays. Given that Mom is one of my 5 total readers, I took that as a sign that my blog-slacking has not gone unnoticed. =)

From here on out, I will try to at least update my daily workout each day. I should say up front that the Galloway plan only requires you to work out (run) 3 days a week. I, however, driven by my perpetually unreachable dream to wear a size 4, usually work out 6 days a week.

Contrary to what you might think, most people don’t actually lose any weight when they are marathon training. You get a lot fitter, sure, but you also get a lot hungrier. You can’t just assume your body will burn 1,000 calories on a 10 mile run and not complain about it!

I just want to see if once in my adult life, I can see the underside of 130. Since I’m generally unwilling to feel hungry, that means I have to work out. A LOT. So, once again, don’t take all my workout entries as mandatory components of marathon training. Just take them as an indication of my slightly obsessive personality. 😉

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